Staying Healthy

I posted this last year prior to the scare of the upcoming H1N1 swine flu pandemic. This is how my son and I stayed healthy throughout the flu season, without any flu shots!

It's now the cold and flu season already!! Plus there is the added worry of the H1N1 (swine) flu. We are taking it very seriously and so far have not gotten sick even though we have been exposed to quite a few people with the flu!! How have we done it, you ask? Let me share...

Juice Plus
My son and I take Juice Plus and it's very effective at keeping our immune systems up. Before we started taking it, he was in the pediatrician's office practically weekly with croup, flu, etc. during the winter. Now that he's been taking it (over a year) he's only been to the doctor for two things: well child checks and stitches! 

He's had a couple minor colds but I give him extra Juice Plus and he never gets full-on sick, he fights it off before actually getting sick. The same goes for me. Also if we are exposed to anyone who is sick we take extra and don't get sick. My husband had the flu for almost two weeks, we were with my husband nearly 24/7 and my son and I stayed healthy (my husband doesn't take Juice Plus).

I'm thinking about becoming a distributor because I always end up selling it when I tell people how healthy it has kept us, so if anyone is interested comment so that I can answer questions for you. (Children age 4-18 can take it free when a parent is taking it.)

Other Measures
Aside from that, taking regular vitamins helps. We still take those on top of the Juice Plus. We also wash our hands a lot, mine get so dry but I just use lotion. We also use Dove Sensitive soap which helps with frequent washings. 

I went to a training on the H1N1 and that is the biggest help to prevent it - that and never touching your face - and also santizing common surfaces daily (phones, door knobs, etc.) We also carry hand sanitizer with us and use it when we are out and about. Just think of all the germs on door handles, shopping carts, and anything else that you touch out in public!

Olive Leaf Extract
If you do get a flu you can take Olive Leaf Extract, it is a natuaral anti-viral and it will fight off the flu and cold whereas antibiotics obviously do no good. Olive Leaf extract can be found in powdered capsules or in the liquid form. The liquid is more expensive but a much higher quality, if you are sick then I certainly recommend the liquid so that you can feel better and heal more quickly!


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