Computer Issues

I keep saying that I'm going to start getting this blog active and different things keep arising to make that difficult!

My computer died about a month ago and I've had limited computer access since. I've been able to get it working for short periods of time here and there (I was able to get most everything off of it since I didn't have a backup!) but mostly I am relying on other people's computers.

Which can prove difficult when I am running two blogs and a home business or two. I've been focusing on the home businesses and letting the kids just enjoy the summertime. We've done some minimal learning as my older son does love to learn and he has more and more interest in learning to read! I'm pretty sure that by the time he gets to the K level he will be reading basic words.

We're finally getting nice weather, it's been rainy 90% of the time in June and July. We may not end up starting curriculum until October because of the late summer.

But truly I will attempt to make this blog a great place! :)