Summer continues!

Around here the summer really goes from about the beginning of August through September. It really is too bad that most of the kids around here are already back to school while the beautiful summer weather continues. It feels like it just got here!

Yesterday when I asked my oldest if he'd like to wait to start school until the weather stops being so nice he was really excited and said an enthusiastic YES!

I love this part of homeschooling. We don't have to follow some arbitrary schedule. We can go with what works for us.

That's not to say that we've been avoiding all types of learning all summer because that's not the case. We just haven't done much in the way of formal learning. We've been singing songs, playing games, reading, doing some occasional flash cards, watching some educational stuff (and quite a bit of non educational). That doesn't even touch on the learning as we go or general life skills.

I'm sure that it will be nice to be on a schedule this time next month but for now while the weather is still beautiful it's nice to be able to still be on summer break!

In a couple of weeks I'll figure out goals and a plan of action. Then I'll definitely be blogging a lot more!

Image by Shayan (USA)