School lunches, another reason to homeschool!

I was reading a discussion thread on Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution forums, and I am absoutely disgusted by what the teachers are explaining are the completely unhealthy foods served at schools all over the country!

Onemore reason to be grateful for homeschooling! Even at the preschool level. One person posted that her preschooler eats really bad at preschool. It's sad, it's disgusting, it's outrageous what these kids are eating on a regular basis!

Read through all of the posts, it's very eye opening.

While you're at it, sign his petition! Something really needs to be done, and he's planning on taking the results of his petition to Obama! Show Obama that healthy foods are important to the country and that they need to bemore available and cheaper than processed junk foods!

If you're looking for a great resource on how to eat healthier I really recommend a wonderful book that I just read called The Kind Diet by Alicia Silverstone. (It's not really about a diet, but a way of life eating healthier.) She writes it in a fun and easy to read manner, if you read it with your older kids they will probably really enjoy it. It's very educational and fun at the same time! Also be sure to check out her blog, The Kind Life.

Another resource is a blog by a teacher called Fed Up With Lunch: The School Lunch Project.

Also there is a project by two moms who are trying to change the face of public school food through their own movement and MOVIE. Check it out at their site, Two Angry Moms.


Anonymous said...

School lunches really are revolting! I'd heard about the School Lunch Project, but haven't checked it out in a while - I'll head over there now!

Stacy said...

They are revolting, that's a great word! I remember how they were when I was in public schools and it's hard to believe that they've gotten worse!

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