If you home educate and you haven't run into someone questioning you on the socialization issue you must have just started yesterday! ;)

If you are interested in some great articles on the topic of socialization, I put together some very good ones here.

You will really enjoy these and maybe even learn a thing or two! Or at least learn some good responses to the constant questions from strangers, friends and relatives who have typical misunderstandings about home education.

I also read a great comeback today that I am definitely going to use someday when the question arises.

Someone in a group said that someone told her that her kids would do terrible in college if they didn't learn how to sit at desk by going to public school. Her response was this: If it takes you 6 hours a day for 12 years to teach your child to sit at a desk then you have much BIGGER problems!

How true is that??


Heather said...

The socialization questions is an old one and definitely the most common. I think it is so silly since homeschooling in many ways provides a superior socialization because it brings children into the real world that has a diversity of ages, ethnicities, occupations, etc...

And I had to laugh on the college comment. I was homeschooled growing up and my husband was not. He feels that highschool actually hurt him instead of helped him for college. He flounded initially because there was no hand-holding. With homeschooling, by highschool, I was much more self-sufficient and slipped into college with no problems.

Enjoy your wonderful homeschool journey!

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