10 Reasons Why I Homeschool

(This list was originally written at least a year and a half ago)

I'm just starting with my preschooler so I'm sure my list will change over time, but here goes for now in no particular order:

1. I love planning, being flexible, and being responsible for his curriculum based on his learning styles and needs.

2. I love that he won't be the smallest AND youngest in his class. (He's in the 5th percentile for height/weight - thanks to my genes - and with an August birthday.)

3. I love that I can protect his innocense better keeping him home, I have seen what kids his age are exposed to and I don't like a lot of it. So many people think that little kids swearing and talking about sex is CUTE. Yes, that talk comes out of kindergarteners - and younger!

4. Relating to the above two, I don't have to worry about the very real threat of bullies. I was a girl and I had a hard enough time with it because of my size (being so small) I know it would be worse for a boy.

5. He doesn't need to be held back academically by other kids goofing off in class, nor does he have to be overlooked when he's struggling with a topic.

6. More time together, and more quality time at that. No rushed mornings trying to get to school on time, no rushed afternoons trying to squeeze everything in after school and around a million sports.

7. Moral teachings: I am glad to be the one to teach him morals and values, which includes tolerance, kindness, and fairness. I don't want some stranger and certainly not the state teaching morals to my child!

8. Fun socialization: homeschooling group activities, field trips, sports, etc. Not trying to socialize when he should be learning, and not learning socialization through bullying and fashion wars.

9. No "back to school rush" - no shopping like mad to get a new wardrobe in one month, no getting all the supplies on the class list at one time, etc. Buy as necessary, when everyone else is in school and the stores are not packed.

10. No state standardized tests!! I've seen what my stepdaughter goes through, she gets stress headaches and more. She says the school nurse says they are always swamped that time of year. Why all the stress? The schools and teachers get more pay if the kids score higher. Also the schools spend up to SIX MONTHS a year studying JUST to pass that test. Complete craziness. My boy will be studying to learn, not spit out information to benefit the school. It will be for his benefit - as it should be. My son is not a dollar sign.


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