Praise the Lord!

If you are new here from the Praise the Lord meme then I welcome you! I have just moved my blog here to this location a couple of days ago so if you'd like to follow me I would really appreciate it! In many ways I'm starting completely over. To learn more about me see the tabs above!

I'm very excited to join this meme! This is something that I personally need in my life, more praising the Lord. Sure, I recognize the really big things that he provides. That is easy enough.

But what I really do need is to get back to having the eyes that I did when I was younger, as a teen and young adult. I would wake up and the first words out my mouth would be, "Good Morning, God!" and I would be grateful for the day ahead that I'd been given.

I also used to see God in everything, everywhere.

I'm in my early 30s with a job, family, and other commitments. For years now I have looked back in amazement at the way that I used to look at life and at God. Pretty much just wishing that I could go back there.

But wishing doesn't make things happen. Action makes things happen...along with the grace of God of course. Most things in life are a joint venture between God and us. We have faith and take action and God responds. It's all over the Bible!

Now I will take the next 31 days to put forth action! I will have it on my mind to find things to praise the Lord about. One month of an action can really put a person to the test but it can also cause amazing growth and surprises!

I hope you will join me...

Extravagant Grace


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