Coupons, Freebies, etc.

Times are tough all around and I have found some great resources that I want to share!! We are all looking for ways to save money in this economy. You should be able to find some stuff that you like in this list! Let me know if I've missed anything!!

Coupons and Rebates
E-bates - free rebates from online shopping!!

Shortcut$ - printable coupons

Organic Valley Coupons- you can reuse these coupons, but only print once per month

Current Codes - Get those checkout codes that you don't have!

Coupon Cabin - printable coupons and coupon codes

My Savings
- free samples and printable coupons

Boodle - printable coupons and recipes

Box Top Coupons - printable coupons (must join, free)

Cool Savings - printable coupons (must join, free)

Custom Coupons - printable coupons

P&G Coupons - samples and coupons

Coupon Surfer - free printable coupons

- free coupons

Valpak - free printable local coupons

My Coupon - free coupons and codes

Naughty Codes - many, many codes!

Keycode - free codes

Retail Me Not - free coupon codes

Slick Deals - get great deals on higher priced items, not grocery savings

Entertanment Book - purchase the famous entertainment coupon book

Other helpful money saving sites
Swap a Gift

Frugal Living

Freebies for Teens - even stuff for you!

Mommy Auctions - like ebay but smaller and better deals!

Price Grabber - grab these great deals before they get away!

Dollar Stretcher

Budgeting Tips

Budgeting 101

Ebay - bid on great coupons!

Free Kids Stuff

Free Freebies (my kind of redundancy!)


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