Learning to Read Success!

Enough of the giveaway posts, it's time for a post on homeschooling. It's actually long overdue!

We've been working on the Pre-K learning in more of an unschooling way. We've just been teaching as we go, answering questions as they come up. Reading books, coloring, playing games, puzzles, playing a LOT of legos, some Brain Quest cards, having him read the BOB Books to me, etc.

He gets so excited being able to read to me! The BOB Books are great! He wasn't ready for them earlier in the school year but now he is and he loves them! He also loves the Brain Quest cards and is ready to move up to the next level. He rarely misses any question!


We also found a workbook that he enjoys called Kindergarten  FUNdamentals. although right now he's not nearly as interested in the workbooks as was earlier in the year. I'm not pushing it because I know that it will come around again.

That's where we are...and enjoying the rare sunny days when they show up!