Pre-K going great so far!

Our Pre-K curriculum has been going well! We got off to a late start though. I was going to start the week of Labor Day but there was so much going on that I decided to start the following week.

The beauty of home education! Flexibility! Being able to make it work around our needs and not the other way around. I love it!

Though just because we aren't doing the curriculum doesn't mean that learning isn't taking place!

Since so much of our Pre-K learning is hands-on there has been a lot going on without circle time, flash cards, tracing, planned out discussions, etc.

Since Little Mister is so excited about the ABC's and numbers he points them out all the time: on traffic signs, business signs, toys, clothes, books, anything.

He also loves to play board games and I encourage learning games which he does love. This reinforces counting and other math skills such as order, sizing, etc.

Blocks, play dough, building and digging in the dirt, watching daddy building a special project in the yard, potato heads, playing with puppets, dress up, reading stories, etc. all teach many important lessons - the way that we are meant to learn. Naturally, having fun, hands-on.

If you are looking for more ideas about what young children learn through play, check this out: What I Learn Through Play


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