Busy, busy, busy!

iscI haven't posted in over a week because I have been very busy with a lot of things!
  • Organizing and Decluttering the House - making progress, I don't know if this will ever be something that I "check off" as done and complete!
  • Preparing the Curriculum and Schedule for the School Year
  • Updating my Website for my Home Preschool (I had some kids "graduate" so I need to fill those spots!)
  • Attempting to Organize my Entire Life! I have so much to do, so many goals, so many things that I am excited about that it can be hard to prioritize and make enough time for everything. Not a bad thing, a good challenge to have!
  • Making small efforts to prepare for this baby that will be here in a couple of short months! I don't feel like there is a lot to be done, but there are definitely things that need to be done, with more coming up all the time. Such as needing that 3 hour glucose test and possibly a change in thyroid levels.


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