Blokube: A Blogger's Community

Blokube is an online community created especially for bloggers. It has many great benefits to offer bloggers because no matter what your niche is you have the opportunity to share your content with other bloggers and engage with the other bloggers too.

When you submit your post to the community the other members (other bloggers) have the opportunity to read your post and vote on it. They can comment on your post itself or on the link to your post in the Blokube community. The more votes that your post gets the more recognition it is likely to receive because those with high votes are published on the main page.

You can also add their button to your posts to receive more votes so that people can vote on your posts right from your posts!

On the flip side you will have the opportunity to view other bloggers posts and comment on their posts too. There are a lot of opportunities for backlinks there. You receive a backlink from the submitted content that you post and when you comment on other blogs - if they are DoFollow blogs or are using the commentluv plugin.

But blog post promotion and backlinks with other bloggers is only part of what Blokube has to offer!

You definitely don't want to miss out on all of the engagement with other bloggers that Blokube has to offer! You can connect with the other bloggers by using their groups network and live chat features. These features give you an even bigger experience with other bloggers.

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